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The trip to the mountains

The trip to the mountains really help propel me into another level in God. I was empowered and strengthen to overcome the strongholds that have been keeping me from moving forward in God. When I returned someone told me you are not the same person, what is going on. I told them wonderful change has come over me, he changed my life and now I am free. I am no longer bound no more chains holding me.

Stephanie Shawnta Everette

Meeting Dr. Sharlene who is

Meeting Dr. Sharlene who is the visionary and founder of this organization was a divine appointment and alignment for me. As named the team functions in true biblical unity with love, compassion, and generosity to reach out to the broken, needy, and poor in the community. They not only give hope but also encourage and empower women into restoration and rejuvenation. They also help the lonely to be set in families and healthy homes. Partnering and collaborating with them is sowing into a fertile ground that brings impact at a greater level. DR. Sharlene is an amazing Woman of God who is bold to do mighty works for God with a heart of obedience. Recently I was at a gathering for rebirth hosted by Dr. Sharlene on the black mountains, it was a time of fellowship with God and others and each one who came where touched by God, healed, freed, and changed. It was a great outpouring and the Lord specifically did a lot of work in me and took me through washing and refreshing as I let Him deal with me. It was a great time of worship, drawing closer to God and listening to His voice where the Holy Spirit moved powerfully as Yahweh had His way.

Paulitha Paulitha

God has bless this organization!

God has bless this organization! We love to assist the less fortunate and re-entry!

Sharlene Mullings

Unity4us Community Outreach is an

Unity4us Community Outreach is an organization that truly seeks to do YHWH’s work. They are dedicated and passionate about helping the community in any way they can.

Robert Dunbar

This organization of truly warriors

This organization of truly warriors of God is just what it is, Warriors of God. The experience I had at the retreat is one of amazement and glory. I will never forget the outpouring of Love, Sisterhood and the Power of God within me that was brought out. I still carry this experience with me and I always will. It has brought me so closer to God in so many ways. I am so looking forward to next year!!!!
God Bless you Unity4us!!!

Darlene Yvette Harrison